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Margaery Tyrell_3 by Wallday
Margaery Tyrell_3
Character ▪  Margaery Tyrell 
Series ▪ Game of Thrones
Made ▪  November 2014
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ I made this cosplay in like 6 hours w.w

→ I really, really, really like how this cosplay turned out!!

→ Meiincke helped me with the shoulder thingys and made the rose for the belt on the dress

I want to be THE queen by Wallday
I want to be THE queen
Character ▪  Margaery Tyrell 
Series ▪ Game of Thrones
Made ▪  November 2014
Photo by ▪ Zarsu (thanks for the amazing photos!)

Margaery: Calling yourself a king doesn't make you one, and if Renly wasn't a king, I wasn't a queen. 
Petyr: Do you want to be a queen? 
Margaery: No. I want to be THE queen. 
Cosplays 2014-2015 by Wallday
Cosplays 2014-2015
Forgot to post this haha! Oh well!

2014 has been a crazy cosplay year for me. With a total of 8 cosplays, I must have had to much sparetime. However, I don't plan on making so many in 2015! 


→Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth
My 3. Elizabeth cosplay, and I'm not done cosplaying her just yet! I really like how the 2014 version of this turned out! In 2014 I didn't have the courage to make a corset, so I bought a cheap one from ebay and altered it, it didn't fit at all, but in 2014 it was good enough for me! In February 2015, I then made a corset from scratch. It was really fun to make, and it fits me! Hopefully I will be able to get some new pictures of this cosplay in 2015! 

→Arrow - Thea Queen
Closet cosplay! Me and a dear friend MLFA, cosplayed Thea and Felicity at j-popcon 2014, and I don't think anyone knew who we were, haha. Good times! However I really love Thea, and hopefully she will soon get a badass outfit in the show, so I can make another Thea Queen cosplay!

→The Last of Us - Ellie
Also a closet cosplay! I have only played the last of us a little bit (I'm playing it together with a friend, and we are only playing it when he is visiting me. He lives far away so it doesn't happend that often), but I really love the design of Ellie, and hopefully I will go on a proper shoot with her someday! 

→The Black Cauldron - Princess Eilonwy
The lost disney princess! The movie is really cute and I really love wearing Eilonwy! I really hope to find a Taran cosplayer one day! (Looking at all the people I know! Come on quys, you know that you want to cosplay as him!!)

→Darker Than Black - Amber (Remake)
The first time I made this was for J-popcon 2010! It was really shitty, and I didn't have the time to make it properly, cause I worked on my Assassins Creed Harlequin cosplay at the same time. The new version however is pretty! Or at least I think so! And my cosplaypartner in crime MLFA, remade her yin cosplay in 2014 as well (she is so pretty as yin!)

→Noragami - Yukine
Uhm, not much to say. I suck at looking like a boy, sorry, it will never happen again! 

→Child of Light - Aurora
My new favorite game! The cosplay was really fun to make, and I really love how it all turned out. The crown is a bit weird, but hey, it's faux okay ;) hehe. I'm looking so much forward to cosplaying with sweet MLFA as Nora some day!

→Game of Thrones - Margaery Tyrell
This cosplay was intended for a work party, but I was to afraid of it getting dirty that I didn't wear it at the party at all, haha. It was made in 6 hours, with a little help from Meiincke

These are the cosplays I want to make in 2015. I'm not 100% sure with any of them, but hopefully I will make some of them!
→Otome Youkai Zakuro - Zakuro
→Deadman Wonderland - Minatsuki
→Assassin's Creed Unity - Elise de la Serre

Forever w.i.p
I decided to make a list for the cosplays I have started on but never finished. Hopefully I will finish some of them this year!

→Final Fantasy Type-0 - Deuce
I started on this cosplay in 2012, I think, and finished it in February this year!

→Eternal Sonata - Claves
I think I'm halfway with her dress, and I have made some of her armour, but there is still a really long way to go!

→Teen Titans - Wonder Girl
I really don't know why I started on this in the first place? But it is done now! It is shitty as hell, haha, and I will never wear it for a con, that's for sure. 

→DC Comics - Poison Ivy
Gosh, I'm almost done with the bodystock, it just needs some minor fixes on the back! Then I need to attach leaves on the shoes and get a new wig! I guess the only reason this isn't done yet, is because I feel way to slutty in it, haha. I really like how my cosplay looks so far, but it is out of my comfort zone, that's for sure. 
Deuce II by Wallday
Deuce II
Character ▪  Deuce
Game ▪ Final Fantasy Type-0
Made ▪ Uhm.. Started on this in 2012.. finished it february 2015 
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ Woa.. I really took me 3 years to make this.. such laziness, much time, wow.. 

→ I will never wear this again, that's for sure!

→ Looking so much forward to play this game!! 
Wonder Girl by Wallday
Wonder Girl
Character ▪  Wonder Girl/Cassandra Sandsmark
Series ▪ Teen Titans
Made ▪  Uhm.. Can't remember when I started on this, but finished it february 2015
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ Cassie is such a cutie
So I'm going to attend J-popcon in Copenhagen this weekend, and I just wanted to share my cosplay plans for the weekend with you guys.. 

....I do not know which days I will wear any of them... oh damn well.. 
Wonder girl is still not finished, so I do not know if I will bring that one... but the other ones are a sure thing... 

Will I see you at the con?? ~


Wallday's Profile Picture
▪ Lisa/Walle ▪ 23 ▪ Danish ▪ Cosplayer ▪ Gamer ▪

★ J-popcon 2015 ▪ Denmark

★ Wonder Girl ▪ Teen Titans
★ Deuce ▪ Final Fantasy Type-0

★ Elizabeth ▪ Bioshock Infinite
★ Thea Queen ▪ Arrow
★ Ellie ▪ The Last of Us
★ Eilonwy ▪ The Black Cauldron
★ Amber - Darker than Black "remake"
★ Yukine - Noragami
★ Aurora - Child of Light
★ Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones

★ Elizabeth ▪ Bioshock Infinite 'Burial at Sea'
★ Fionna ▪ Adventure Time
★ Wonder Girl ▪ Young Justice
★ Elizabeth ▪ Bioshock Infinite

★ Miss Martian ▪ Young Justice
★ Ty Lee ▪ Avatar the Last Airbender

★ Harlequin ▪ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
★ Amber ▪ Darker Than Black
★ Namine ▪ Kingdom Hearts II

★ Hope Estheim ▪ Final Fantasy XIII
★ Lenne ▪ Final Fantasy X-2

★ lacus Clyne ▪ Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

★ Kairi ▪ Kingdom Hearts II

POW! Femme Fatale - Miss Martian
DKos vol. 12 - Margaery Tyrell


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