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Cahin the Harlequin by Wallday
Cahin the Harlequin
The Harlequin jumped off a roof and landed in a crowd. Before they had a chance to laugh, he took those suckers out.~~~

Character ▪ Harlequin
Series ▪ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer
Made ▪ Fall 2011
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ Best, stupidest thing I have ever made! haha..

→ Back in 2011, this was a pain in the ass to make. I really like the result, but the making of this still gives me nightmares. 
Margaery Tyrell_3 by Wallday
Margaery Tyrell_3
Character ▪  Margaery Tyrell 
Series ▪ Game of Thrones
Made ▪  November 2014
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ I made this cosplay in like 6 hours w.w

→ I really, really, really like how this cosplay turned out!!

→ Meiincke helped me with the shoulder thingys and made the rose for the belt on the dress

→ → → → → New edit ... 25.08.15

Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth by Wallday
Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth
Character ▪ Elizabeth 
Series ▪ Bioshock Infinite
Made ▪ October 2013 - January 2014
 The Abbey Church, Nykøbing F., Denmark
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ This cosplay took me forever to finish, damn

→  the wig in the preview picture and in this is not the same. Got a new and better one!! yay

→ I'm really proud of this cosplay!

→ hahah, I made a mistake with the wig.. the bangs 'splits' in the wrong side.. oh damn.. haha

→ → → → → New edit ... 20.08.15

Kingdom Hearts II - Kairi by Wallday
Kingdom Hearts II - Kairi
Character ▪ Kairi
Series ▪ Kingdom Hearts II
Variant ▪ School Uniform
Made ▪ Fall 2008
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ Kairi was one of my first cosplays, so I didn't make the cosplay myself. My granny made the skirt and tie, and the shirt is bought 

→ This is my first 'proper' photo of this cosplay.. w.w
Young Justice - Wonder Girl IV by Wallday
Young Justice - Wonder Girl IV
Character ▪ Wonder Girl ▪ Cassandra Sandsmark ▪ Cassie
Series ▪ Young Justice Season 2
Variant ▪ Default Hero Outfit
Made ▪ February - March 2013
Photo by:  Meiincke

→ hahaha.. My nose looks so big.. but other than that, I really love this picture. I have not worn this cosplays since 2013, and it actually fits me better now than back then.. 
So I'm going to attend J-popcon in Copenhagen this weekend, and I just wanted to share my cosplay plans for the weekend with you guys.. 

....I do not know which days I will wear any of them... oh damn well.. 
Wonder girl is still not finished, so I do not know if I will bring that one... but the other ones are a sure thing... 

Will I see you at the con?? ~


Wallday's Profile Picture
▪ Lisa/Walle ▪ 23 ▪ Danish ▪ Cosplayer ▪ Gamer ▪

★ J-popcon 2016 ▪ Denmark

★ Wonder Girl ▪ Teen Titans
★ Deuce ▪ Final Fantasy Type-0
★ Rinoa ▪ Final Fantasy VIII
★ Mavis ▪ Hotel transylvania

★ Elizabeth ▪ Bioshock Infinite
★ Thea Queen ▪ Arrow
★ Ellie ▪ The Last of Us
★ Eilonwy ▪ The Black Cauldron
★ Amber - Darker than Black "remake"
★ Yukine - Noragami
★ Aurora - Child of Light
★ Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones

★ Elizabeth ▪ Bioshock Infinite 'Burial at Sea'
★ Fionna ▪ Adventure Time
★ Wonder Girl ▪ Young Justice
★ Elizabeth ▪ Bioshock Infinite

★ Miss Martian ▪ Young Justice
★ Ty Lee ▪ Avatar the Last Airbender

★ Harlequin ▪ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
★ Amber ▪ Darker Than Black
★ Namine ▪ Kingdom Hearts II

★ Hope Estheim ▪ Final Fantasy XIII
★ Lenne ▪ Final Fantasy X-2

★ lacus Clyne ▪ Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

★ Kairi ▪ Kingdom Hearts II

POW! Femme Fatale - Miss Martian
DKos vol. 12 - Margaery Tyrell


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Here is my Zakuro cosplay:…
Wallday Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
aww,, you look really cute!! ~ 
AnnieManga Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Really?! Thank you!!

Thanks for adding it to your faves!
Wallday Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015
yes really!! Your cosplay gives me motivation to make mine!!! 

you are welcome!
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